I wear two hats on this blog.  One is as the CEO of MiddleGate Med, a company addressing the problems of financial loss, patient registration, staff safety, and care coordination specific to emergency departments dealing with the nuanced world of HIPAA, HITECH, and EMTALA.

The other is as an ex-emergency medicine MD who experienced these problems in the trenches (and continues to win in the “best story” category of dinner parties)…it is in that second role that you’ll see I just couldn’t help but put blog links to ER docs, nurses, and administrators willing to share their somewhat, well, different view of the world with the rest of us.

So use the site as a place to discuss the serious issues, but don’t forget that even the most serious of issues have an ingrained element of humor.  If we don’t bring it to your attention, check out the blog-roll because they can get away with a bit more than we can here.


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